Monday, September 15, 2014

Things a queen cat like myself MUST have.

Since I am queen cat of the house I demanded it was decided that I would, naturally, post first. For my first post I created a collection of things that are worthy of a cat such as myself. I am hoping that the staff around here will take notice that I am presently without ANY of these things and will take the appropriate measures to remedy the situation.

In other words - buy me stuff! I am completely worth the price tags.

The Marie Antoinette bed from Organic Pet Boutique. This is nothing short of the perfect bed for a royal member such as myself. 

I am embarrassed to admit that I must suffer and enter through a mere wooden cat door. This Swarovski Pet Flap is more befitting of a cat of my caliber.

Let Zeus and Athena eat out of those plastic Ikea bowls. THIS is the dish for me. After all, it is Versace! I deserve nothing less.

I cannot possibly be expected to eat average cat food out of a Versace bowl. I must have cat caviar from Beverly Hills Caviar.

Between constant napping on less-than-luxurious beds and eating cat food out of mere plastic bowls, I clearly need a vacation. Not an ordinary vacation spot, of course. I must book a suite at The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel in Yorkshire, England. In floor heating, four poster beds with goosefeather bedding, and bed time stories! What is not to like?

Yes, I could go outside and sit in a real tree, but why would I risk chipping a nail to do that? With this Sycamore Cat Tree I would practically have my own private forest. Inside. Where forests should be.

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