Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cat sleeping positions

I found this drawing that the human of the house says describes cat sleeping positions perfectly. And it is cute too!

It is pinned to our Pinterest account, and it is found in a lot of places on the web, but even a Google image search couldn't tell us where it came from originally. Maybe someone can tell us?

cat lying positions terminology

I'm a cat bun or a cat loaf. Hera and Athena are both cat baguettes. They love to take up room when they nap! What position does your cat love?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Share a Shelter Cat

It is time to get the word out about another furry friend in need of a forever home. All of the cats I post on my blog that need homes come from the Hillsborough County Animal Shelter and can be viewed on

This little darling doesn't have a name posted. (Bring her home and give her one!)

Cat ID 24070504
Photo from
She is one year old and will be spayed and microchipped before you bring her home. She is mostly white with a bit of brown tabby - giving her a very unique look! If you are interested call 813-744-5660 or go to the shelter at 440 North Falkenburg Rd in Tampa, FL. 

Her ID number is 24070504

Monday, October 13, 2014

Athena and the snake

Mom said there was a snake in the house. I was excited because there was a new friend to play with!

But I didn't see any snakes.

Mom said it was right next to me. But I still didn't see it.

There it is! Time to play with my new friend!

But then Mom did something really mean. She took my new friend outside so he could go home. I wasn't going to hurt him. Really!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fun with LunaPic

It is time to add some interest to a rather boring photo. (I mean, naturally there is never a boring photo of me, but this one isn't very interesting.) I am just lying around on the floor when I should be on a fancy throne or bed like this one.

I am, of course, lying between the entrance area of the house and the living room which practically guarantees that everyone will have to be inconvenienced and step over me. I wouldn't have it any other way.

cat on floor

The lady of the house used LunaPic's "colored pencil sketch" option to make the picture more interesting. I'm beautiful! But then again, that goes without saying.

LunaPic cat

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hera plays dead - eek!

I call this, "how to completely freak out the humans in the house and make them think you are dead." 

cat pretends to be dead

I should so get a job on CSI or NCIS or Criminal Minds, or any of those shows where humans get paid to be a murder victim. Halloween is just around the corner, I think I'll try this again in a few weeks!

And if my photo is too much, how about the one the lady of the house took this morning, It was too cloudy for the eclipse, but she saw this in the neighborhood instead.

hot air balloon

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Waiting for a forever home

It is Tuesday and we are joining Dogs and Pawz for their weekly Tuesday's Tails. If you read Athena's New Life yesterday you know that the shelter she was in has an extremely high euthanasia rate. Because of this, we will be featuring animals from the Hillsborough County Animal Shelter every week.

It is SOOOO difficult to pick just one! Thankfully the Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay Facebook page showcases all of the kittens and cats there. (Warning - clicking on their link may require tissues!) 

The is Mota. Look at that gorgeous white fur! Mota is a 2 year old neutered male. His ID # is 23958215. So if you live in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for a new friend, check Mota out at Hillsborough County Animal Services

adopt Mota
Photo from

Monday, October 6, 2014

Athena's new life

As I mentioned Saturday, last Wednesday was my Gotcha Day. My Mom and Dad and the younger humans in the house had a busy week and it slipped their minds. They felt horrible about it! So today's post is all about my favorite day ever - the day I came home.

My story can't be told without telling everyone about the awesome volunteers at Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay. Without them, my family would have never found me. The people at Urgent Cats go to the Hillsborough County Animal Services shelter almost every day and take the time to photograph and get to know all of the cats. Then they take the photos and post them on their website and Facebook page. Hillsborough County Animal Services takes in about 900 cats a month so these volunteers have A LOT of work to do. Sadly, because HCAS takes in so many cats, many are euthanized. That is why what Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay does is so important! 

Athena in the shelter

This is me in the shelter when I was 5 months old. This photo was taken by the awesome volunteers at Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay and posted on their website and Facebook page. (The cat in the photo with me is my sister who was adopted a few days before me.)

My adopted Mom kept looking at all of the cats posted and decided that it was time to adopt! My human sisters and Mom hopped into the car and headed to the shelter. They looked through all of the cages - twice! (That's a lot of cats!) And they were very sad that they could only pick one. (There were two furry siblings waiting at home for me already.) I was soooo lucky I was the one they picked!

shelter cat rides home

shelter cat rides home

Here I am on my way home from the shelter. This was before my Mom realized the girls took me out of my box and made them put me back in to be safe. (I guess it is hard to drive when I am trying to help.) On the way home everyone talked about a name for me. I was called Sandy in the shelter, but I was very interested to find out what new name I might get. Because my cat brother and sister were named Zeus and Hera, they decided my name would be Athena. Pretty neat!

Mom said I was new and had to wait to meet my new cat brother and sister. She said I needed to hang out in my own room for a few days to get used to the place and make sure everything was OK. Even though everyone visited me in the new room all of the time I was lonely and cried. So my big brother Zeus saved me! (I guess someone didn't shut the door to my room hard enough.)

cat meeting

Things were kind of crazy around my new home for the first few months. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to climb the curtains! And I fought with my new brother and sister all of the time. I also loved climbing on shelves. But sometimes I broke the things on the shelves too. Oops! I stole all sorts of food off the table when no one was looking - even waffles! And I ran out the door every time someone opened it. (I am very fast.) I couldn't help it - there was just so much stuff out there!

I also may have watched a little too much TV.

kitten watching TV

It took about 4 months before I finally knew the rules. I now know where I can go and where I can't go. I don't break things anymore and I don't climb curtains. I am also not allowed in a certain bedroom with a certain hamster. Zeus and Hera and I still fight sometimes, but we love each other. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Selfie Sunday

It is Selfie Sunday and we are getting a late start. It has just been one of those days in the human world that we cats know nothing about because we don't have jobs and "sponsitilities" (whatever those are.) I guess it involves running around the house saying things like, "I have so much work to do" and, "Why didn't you tell me sooner you had a project due tomorrow?"

All of these things make me happy to be a cat.

Back to the Selfies! 

Mom thinks this first photo is funny because I am a very skinny cat and it makes me look all puffed up. Even though this basket is too small, I love to wiggle myself into it. 

This is one the youngest in the house took of me just yesterday. Talk about an extreme close up! I did not want to stay still for a photo. Photos aren't fun when you want to play!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Let's play with FotoFlexer

Did you know that Wednesday was my Gotcha Day? Yep - I've been driving this family crazy for 1 whole year! Did you know that - oops - my family didn't realize the date had come and gone? That's OK, I love them anyway and I know they love me too!

Next week Mom promised to do a whole post about my adoption! Better late then never!

But for now she decided to use MY photo for a little fun. (Boy was Hera jealous!)

I am horrible about posing for pictures. So Mom usually has to make due. Here is one of my lying my the best car chair around - the Ikea Poang!

Not a very exciting photo. Let's see what some simple button pushing with FotoFlexer can do with it. 

How about Blueprint?

Ink Stamp?

Pop Art?

And Mom's favorite - the Painting feature!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Look! I'm a stuffed animal!

The spare bedroom is one of my favorite napping spots. All of the stuffed toys make it super cozy!

Can you find me? (Hint - I'm not the bear with red and blue stars!)

cat in the stuffed toys

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ask not what your shelter can do for you...

Athena and I are shelter cats. (Hera had a foster Mom who probably spoiled her - which would explain a lot.) When I was in the shelter they euthanized pets no one wanted. I was almost one of them myself - I had one week left. But then my favorite human in the world saved me! Luckily the animals at my shelter no longer have to worry about that. It is now a no-kill shelter. The animals in Athena's old shelter are not so lucky. They euthanize A LOT of animals every year.

If you want a cat or a dog - try a shelter or foster/rescue organization!

Shelters and foster/rescue organizations aren't around to make money. They are there to get animals off the streets and - hopefully - into new forever homes. Just like Hera, Athena, and me. Because they don't have a lot of money, there are ways humans can help.

Things your can do to help your local animal shelter


 Volunteering is great because it is free! All it costs is your time. You can do it once with a group as part of a special activity (like "Clean the Shelter Day") or as often as you want. Many shelters take humans as young as 16 years old to be volunteers.

Show off what you know

Shelters always need talented people. So if you don't want to volunteer to walk dogs and clean cages, volunteer your skills. (Humans always have skills.) Take photos, do some bookkeeping, build a dog cage, or redo a webpage. Shelters need all sorts of different types of help.

Take one of us home with you

You can sign up to be a foster parent and take an animal home with you until it is adopted. Just remember - you have to give it back! If you don't it is called a "foster failure." But in this case a failure is a good thing! Foster parents help keep shelters from getting too crowded.


Let's face it, cats aren't very good about going out and getting jobs. But even though we can't eat it, we cats know money is important. And shelters need a lot of it. Cats need food, help if we get sick, a roof over our heads, and TV and video games. OK, we don't care about TV or video games (except Athena) but we do need those other things! Even just a few dollars can really help. 

Hold a Fundraiser

Your cat clogged the toilet with his catnip mouse and your dryer exploded. Now you are short on money to donate. No problem!  Have an event that helps raise money for a shelter. You can do this through your school, work, or organization. Animal Sheltering has pages and pages of great fundraising ideas.

Make a blanket

Cage bottoms are really hard. Blankets make things cozy. Case closed. If you can knit you can use one of the many blanket patterns from The Snuggles Project. Or try something easier like this No-Sew Fleece Throw.

Give them your old stuff

Many shelters have wish lists. And because we cats don't care if stuff is new, you may find things your local shelter needs just lying around your house gathering dust. Such as sheets, blankets, newspapers, towels and old pet items you no longer need.

Buy them new stuff

Go shopping! Humans like that kind of thing, right? The next time you are at the store pick up some cat food, or cat litter, or a TV and Xbox for the furry guys at your local shelter. (OK, again, maybe not a TV and Xbox.)


Adopting a pet is serious business. We pets like sticking around as long as possible. If you have room and love and money to pay for food and medical bills, check out your local shelter. But don't do it without putting a lot of thought into it first!

I want to help, but I don't even know if we have a shelter

Chances are, you have a shelter somewhere nearby. Here are three great links to help you find one:

Join the BlogPaws Blog Hop:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Knit for Your Kitties!

Fall is finally here and the weather is getting cooler. We kitties live in Florida where it is pretty warm all year long, but a lot of kitties live where it can be really cold. If you are one of those kitties, get your people to knit you things! No one in this house knits, but maybe you are a lucky kitty that lives in a knitting house. Yarn balls and sweaters and stuff!

things to knit for your cat

Cold kitties need knitted hoodies! Humans can learn to make one at Ravelry

Make your cat look like that 11th Doctor humans are always going on about with this Fez from Spindles and Spices.

Another sweater to keep kitties toasty warm from ChristineLandry.

I would probably try to eat this if it was on my head, but I am sure humans think it is cute. If you are one of those humans, you can get the pattern at Craftsy.

These knitted catnip bunnies from All Free Knitting are sooooo cute! 

I could have so much fun with this knitted cat tunnel from Knitting Novice.

I came from a shelter so I know how hard those cage bottoms are! The Snuggles Project has lots of great blanket knitting projects to make cage bottoms cozier.

OK, this is crocheted, not knitted (which my human said was different) but this bed is so awesome, who cares? Kitties could be so snugly in this! The pattern is from Eilen Tein so go there and make your kitty one now! (Scroll down to the bottom for you English reading humans.)