Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Cats and a Blog

We are three cats in sunny (and often rainy) Florida. We figured if that dog on Disney can have a blog, then there was no reason why we couldn't have one too. We are going to break up the blogging between the three of us - that way we don't miss out on any naps.

Here is our brief introduction. We hope you like it, we have never written an introduction before.


I am a 4 year old calico adopted as a kitten right from a fostering agency. My original owners threw me out of a moving car onto a busy road. The nerve!

My foster mother gave me the name Hera and the staff here (known to some cats as owners - yuck) thought the name suited me, so they kept it. I am queen of the house after all. The woman of the house sometimes calls me Miss Priss. How ridiculous. I'm not prissy, I just know what I want and expect others to get it for me. Nothing less for a Queen!

Note about me: I am the softest cat of the house. But I am sure no one is surprised by that. I am perfect!


I am a 4 year old black cat adopted when I was one year old from a kill shelter. I was on sale for $5 because I was just one week from being euthanized. Can you imagine? I was adopted by Favoritegirl, the middle child in the family. She went right past the kittens and straight for me. That is why she will always be known as Favoritegirl to me. 

I am the most laid back of the cats in the house but I get scared easily, especially by plastic bags. Those things are creepy!!! 

Note about me: When I was adopted they changed my name to Zeus because it went so well with Hera. But Favoritegirl calls me Jiji after the cat in Kiki's Delivery Service. It caught on and so everyone in the house calls me that too.


At 1 year of age, I am the baby of the family.  And because I am a tortie, I am naturally the cutest. I was adopted when I was 5 months old from an extremely high kill shelter. I was soooo glad to get the heck out of there! I have lots of energy which I usually put to good use by causing trouble. I am so good at causing trouble that I am sometimes called Devilkitty by the humans. When it is my turn to write, I will tell you all about my escapades.

Note about me: Because I am small for my age, the woman of the house sometimes call me "Teeny Theeny." It is a good thing I am cute because it helps my owners forgive me faster when I cause so much trouble!

Stay tuned for our escapades and general musings!

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