Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Knit for Your Kitties!

Fall is finally here and the weather is getting cooler. We kitties live in Florida where it is pretty warm all year long, but a lot of kitties live where it can be really cold. If you are one of those kitties, get your people to knit you things! No one in this house knits, but maybe you are a lucky kitty that lives in a knitting house. Yarn balls and sweaters and stuff!

things to knit for your cat

Cold kitties need knitted hoodies! Humans can learn to make one at Ravelry

Make your cat look like that 11th Doctor humans are always going on about with this Fez from Spindles and Spices.

Another sweater to keep kitties toasty warm from ChristineLandry.

I would probably try to eat this if it was on my head, but I am sure humans think it is cute. If you are one of those humans, you can get the pattern at Craftsy.

These knitted catnip bunnies from All Free Knitting are sooooo cute! 

I could have so much fun with this knitted cat tunnel from Knitting Novice.

I came from a shelter so I know how hard those cage bottoms are! The Snuggles Project has lots of great blanket knitting projects to make cage bottoms cozier.

OK, this is crocheted, not knitted (which my human said was different) but this bed is so awesome, who cares? Kitties could be so snugly in this! The pattern is from Eilen Tein so go there and make your kitty one now! (Scroll down to the bottom for you English reading humans.)

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